These 16 funny Chinese Brand Imitations are Epic Knockoffs!

China as we know is one of the world’s most powerful nation. Blazing fast train system, huge companies, strong banking and finance, stable economy, and hundreds of factories for well-known makers. China is highly recognized as the “Dragon Economy of Asia”, but they have one more label that we all know about… imitations! From bag knockoffs to mobile counterfeit goods, this country is the home of various brand mockups.

Imitation as they say is the highest form of flattery. Maybe true for some but for our Chinese peeps, imitation means a huge opportunity to earn money. And we see no stopping from this gigantic country! To prove that they are serious in this biz, here’s the 18 most epic and really funny Chinese brand imitations we’ve ever seen!


1. Ladies, don’t wear this on the club please!

2. At least they are honest about the “quality”.

3. I wonder what it smells like…

4. And yes, there’s a new member of the Transformers!

5. How about some “numa” for all your athletic needs?

6. This chocolate wafer bar will kick you out!

7. 3 Big Macs and 5 Twister Fries please…

8. Maybe this could get rid of the bull fast.

9. Really… even sharpie has knockoffs?

10. And this dyslexic Crocs!

11. Is that the famous beer from Europe? Uhm… it’s not!

12. Finally, now I can afford those high-end (are you sure?) headphones!

13. Who would forget this “NokLa” imitation smartphone?

14. Google is into new business huh?

15. And even Microsoft! Geez!

16. Of course, Apple wants to be in the loop!

17. Tech giants now entering the garments business? What’s next? A chicken meal made by Google?

18. And this new business soon to open for rabbit people!

Photos from: boredpanda

The people behind these funny brand imitations are so genius! But wait, better be discrete selling them because patent lawyers will surely come after you! Legal complaints between patents are in full swing right now and I am sure, these Chinese manufacturers are aware of that. Share this to your friends because who knows, they might have one of those knockoffs!