These 17 Unbelievable Photographers Will Do Everything For A Pic!

They always say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and this indeed is very true. Nowadays, taking a photo is very easy. With the advancement of smartphones and gadgets, capturing that very special moment is just one click away. However, we amateur shutterbugs together with our point and shoot cameras are still no match with professional photographers.

With the right angle, correct perspective, flawless lightning and perfect timing, they can produce stunning images that can never be recaptured. But for these 17 unbelievable photographers, it seems that taking a perfect picture means more than just the above conditions. For them it is a lifelong passion that they are willing to do everything, and literally EVERYTHING, just to capture that once in a lifetime moment!


1. Go girl! Is this the Matrix version of photography I’m seeing?!

2. I hope your camera is winter-proof buddy!

3. Capturing that pyramid on the edge of glory, just don’t trip okay!

4. And this grandpa pushing his limits, wife seems unhappy though…

5. What an artistic way to capture pictures! But… deadly!

6. Oh please tiny frog… let him take a photo of you before leaping.

7. This made my heart literally numbed!

8. Sorry folks, I got the best view – guy in red jacket.

9. Posing for protection and taking picture for profession!

10. Look, even his brows are freezing! This is crazy!

11. And when your subject don’t want to cooperate, this is what happens!

12. The photographer and his… hungry stalker!

13. Are you serious with this one? This is silly dangerous!

14. How about taking a selfie up in the air? Hold your phone very tight girl!

15. What a brave little photographer this boy is!

16. And the best in effort photography award goes to…

17. Actually, this is where it all began…

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Wow! Salute to these brave, compassionate, daring and certainly unbelievable photographers! Sure that the images they produced means more than just a simple picture! Have you done such courageous act in the past? Your thoughts on the comments section below and don’t forget to share this to your friends.