These 18 Funny Receipts Are Really Worth Paying The Tab!

We all hate receipts! Whether it’s from famous 5-star restaurants or small scale establishments, looking at the price always makes us sick. Especially when the total amount is skyrocketing, expect frustrations and uncertainty along the way. This piece of small paper with printed ink on it are without a doubt super annoying, particularly if there are tons of numbers written on it!

But with these 18 funny receipts you’re about to see, there’s something extra special about it that will make you smile or laugh out loud! It’s not about the price, total amount or detailed list of orders, it is the extra note that comes with these receipts that makes them super hilarious! Check them out after the jump.


1. This diner with serious equality issues!

2. Receipt with a cool but non-sense tag line!

3. Give me 10 of those please…


5. Oops, this is clearly not right!

6. Thanks for acknowledging my world-weariness…

7. Wow! That nothing is super expensive!

8. And this crazy guy ranting about donuts!

9. That *hit must be really tasty though…

10. Receipt + Verbatim = Hilarious!

11. The Man-Whore server!

12. And this receipt with a warning notice…

13. I wish all receipts in the world is like this!

14. At least, they are thankful!

15. What a great way to describe a customer!

16. Seriously, she has no name?

17. That is one tasty butter manhood! Is it crunchy?

18. I’ll have 5 each week please? Not including weekends if it’s this cheap!

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Even though we super hate seeing this small printed paper every time we dine or shop, who would have thought that they will make us laugh! These funny receipts are fantastically hilarious! I still can’t get over that buttery chocolatey manhood! Don’t forget to share this rib-tickling post to your friends! 🙂