These 18 Mind Boggling Animated Optical Illusions Are Crazy

Optical illusions are created to trick your very smart mind. Usually they are used on movies, experiments, or centers to make you believe what your eyes can see. Most of them do have simple (as in really SIMPLE) explanations but when I saw these animated optical illusions, I’m having a hard time comprehending!

With these 18 mind boggling animated optical illusions, I am torn with the old saying “seeing is believing”. Check out these illusions and try to get a logical explanation for each… It would be hard I swear!

How come they grow and shrink?

Now what’s real on that room!

And this seamless transition…

Wait… What the? How did that happen?

This one is old but still tricky.

That’s a lot of effort and painter’s tape!

I so want to make this but I don’t know how…

Is that a witch’s mask I see?

Don’t dare use this table for your morning coffee!

No… No… Slow down please! Sigh…

I really don’t get this trick.

And this weird chair that is so crazy!

Am I on the right mind still?

Try to stare on the black cross and see green dots instead of pink!

Keep looking at the flashing green dot and see yellow ones disappear.

Concentrate on the black dot, did you just see the grey stripe turned blue?

And these yellow and blue blocks that looks alternating!

Blue lines moving in pairs? No they are not!

Photos from: viralnova & buzzfeed

I really don’t get these animated optical illusions. I am trying to think for explanations but I get headaches! Do you find these illusions brilliantly amazing? Share this to your friends and let their eyes get bedazzled by Science!