These 5 Homes With Sleek Interior Designs Are To Die For!

Designing a home is no easy task. Choosing the right colors, selecting the appropriate furniture, shopping for new decors, matching themes, hand picking accent pieces and the most challenging part amongst all… setting the budget!  This where home designers comes to the rescue, you pay them and they make things around your home magnificently beautiful!

While there is no wrong on following those DIY interior design tutorials, I bet you will have second thoughts doing those online decorating guides when you see these homes designed by Ewelina Chawawko. For this designer, a home should reflect the personality of the owner. From modern masculine pads to mid-century style abodes, these 5 amazing homes with sleek interior designs will make you say just WOW!


The 1st home features a very spacious living room with a massive sectional sofa for entertaining guests. Huge flat TV screen, customized display shelves, contemporary accents and subtle colors, who would say no to this modern home!


With the 2nd home, you will see the marriage of classic elements to modern beauty. Natural woods, clean aesthetics, open floor design, fashionable furniture and elegant decors makes this home such a fantastic sanctuary to live in.


The 3rd home is specifically designed to cater the needs of a family. The futuristic appeal and the cozy feeling makes it a modish place to raise kids. Just look at that stainless steel spiral staircase that is screaming with utmost beauty!


Who says man’s apartment are always boring? Not this 4th home made with concrete materials of wood, steel and glass. The dark and masculine theme is just right for a gentlemen to enjoy his place. And that glass enclosed bedroom… oh so sexy!


Dreaming of a warm, sophisticated place to live in? This 5th house will not disappoint you! The cleanliness of white can be seen all around the place while the light yet graceful appeal of natural wood combined with the beauty of molded wire makes this home chic and trendy.

H/T to: home-designing

Geez… the moment I saw these houses with sleek interior designs, it inspires me to go to work early and promise myself not to make any absences at all! How about calling one of these abodes your home? With perseverance and right attitude, I bet you will! Share this feel-good post to your friends!