These Amazing Salt Tricks Will Definitely Blow Your Mind!

Salt is by far one of the most important condiments of all time. We can live without ketchup or mustard but eating a food without salt, that’s the most boring thing to do ever! Just imagine devouring a quarter pounder medium grilled steak only to discover that it doesn’t have salt on it, sad and frustrating right? Or worst, munching on a bag of popcorn without salt!  How cruel food can be without this ever popular mineral called sodium chloride… or what we know as salt.

Dating back many years ago (as in many many years), salt is considered to be gold. It is used as a form of payment, to preserve food, to flavor dishes, to facilitate rituals… heck there’s even a war due to scarcity of salt! Although today we don’t need to kill each other just to have a bag of salt, we often see it as an ordinary condiment or basic component to industrial factories.

But what we didn’t know is that this mineral when used in a different way can actually make us go wow and crazy! Don’t believe what we’re talking about, check out these amazing salt tricks that will surely blow your mind!


5 Salt Tricks That You Can “Safely” Do At Home

Video from: YouTube

Did you just see how salt can magically transform a cardboard-made tree into an awesome work of art? Now that one is definitely worth an effort! Why don’t you try these amazing salt tricks at home and tell us the result by hitting the comments section below. Let your friends try them too so don’t forget to share this with them. 🙂