These Girls Posted Something On YouTube That Will Wow You!

Dance routines are very common on YouTube. Hundreds of different acts are posted on this video streaming website, while some are great there are those that are horribly embarrassing. But with millions of dance routines present on YouTube, one act clearly stands out! This hypnotic dance is really CRAZY it would blow your mind away!

These girls are no ordinary performers, they are not magicians nor an illusionist. But what’s interesting is that their costumes, which is black and white, looks a bit different, totally a fashion disaster but it serves a purpose. Dancing in the tune of a German song called “Hiss – TANZ”, seeing these girls perform their routine makes me really think “wait, how many are they again”?

See the video for yourself and I am sure you’ll understand what I am saying…

Source: YouTube

Apparently, they are doing a hypnotic dance called Strumpfhosentanz. I don’t know how to pronounce or even spell that thing but it is AMAZING! This is my first time to see an optical illusion dance routine like this and I’m loving it! From the video, it looks like there are 8 girls and 8 boys dancing where in fact, there are only 8 girls performing. This is quite tricky and really fun to watch!

Cool isn’t it? I tried practicing the Strumpfhosentanz dance but my legs won’t cooperate! I don’t know if the steps are hard… or I really just can’t dance! This dance routine is best done with your buddies so share it with them!