These Ideas Are Incredible! But I Was Amazed With the Finished Products!



1. Show your pet dog some love by giving him his own bed!


2. Do you love gardening? Or how about your mother? Well, you can turn your old drawers into planters.


3. Do you need a bookcase for your pile of books? Just place an old drawer upright. It’s that simple!


4. You can save on buying key organizers and shoe racks with the use of your old drawers. And the colors can be added designs too!


5. Having trouble finding the spoons, forks, and knives among each one? Then make your own utensils organizer with your old drawers. It’s even way cooler than the typical ones.


6. You can even go away from buying expensive bathroom storage for your stuff. All you need for this is right inside your very home.


7. How do you want your sandwich wrapped? Well, you can choose from this sandwich station made out of an old drawer.


8. Who would have thought an old desk could be turned into an ottoman? That’s genius!

upcycled dresser drawers - ottoman




9. How about turning your old drawers into hangers? That’s perfect for the term practicality!


10. And old drawers are really perfect as organizers for different stuff!