These Squirrels Playing In Snow Made Me Smile All Day Long!

There are many cute animals in these world but these squirrels playing in the snow are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Thanks to the very talented Russian photographer Vadim Trunov, now we can see how these furry creatures spend their leisure time in the snow. I never thought that squirrel photography can be this great. Amazing!

But lo and behold, while these squirrels seems to be tossing that pine nut up and down, they are actually fighting over it. Since its winter and source of food is scarce, these furballs are hungry and they want something to munch on. Albeit, they seems to like the camera so much that the other squirrel looks like he wanted a career on photography!  Aww, this is cuteness overload!


Toss that ball and I’ll take you a beautiful DP!

No! You should do it this way!

I said toss it high, like this!

Wait, I’ll check if you look cute…

I think your lens is blurred!

Maybe you should take a pic of me building a snowman.

See, this will receive more likes.

Well thanks for the Photo OP buddy, here’s my payment!

Wow this is heavy huh…

Wait… that is mine! I already gave yours!

Photos from: boredpanda

I know this is kinda off but did they really made that snowman? Hmm, maybe we should ask Vadim directly. And if they really did, I am sure these squirrels are a big fan of Elsa!  This squirrel photography made my day awesome. My office mate keeps on asking me why I am smiling all day long, so I showed her these pics. And the “smile” became contagious so share this to your friends as well! 🙂