This Church In Barcelona Is Finally Done – After 144 Years!

Antoni Gaudi is known for his behemoth architectural ideas, and no one has ever gotten near from his designs. One of his work that gathered much admiration, public attention and commendable respect from all over the world is the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, Spain. This one-of-a-kind church began construction in 1882 with Gaudi being involved in 1883.

Sadly, Antoni Gaudi died in a tram accident in 1926 leaving the Sagrada Familia only 15 -25% complete. But finally after 144 years of waiting and constructing, the Sagrada Familia completion is making its way this 2026! Yeah… that is still a long time to wait but this 3D render of the completed basilica is so stunning you will literally feel the excitement gushing thru your veins!

The Sagrada Familia Foundation released this one-minute video of the church showing the completion of its final stages.

Combining helicopter footages with the current building and the animated renders of the soon-to-be-completed work, we can now see how the basilica will look like in 2026. Each phase has its own target date; the Sagristia in 2015, Torre de Maria in 2018 and Torre de Jesus in 2020. When done, the church will have 18 towers solely dedicated to different religious figures. So far, 8 towers has already been completed.

Since 1990, the church construction was overseen by Architect Jordi Fauli and was appointed as the Chief Architect in 2012.

In 2026, and after 144 years, this is how the Sagrada Familia will look like. Amazing isn’t it!

Source: dezeen

The much anticipated Sagrada Familia completion is yet to unveil 11 years from now. Although 2026 is still far, the animated video shown by the organizers gives us a brighter view on what to expect when the said date finally arrives. Even though Antoni Gaudi wasn’t able to complete his magnus opum, I’m sure he’s happy to finally see his masterpiece unify as one. Share this post to your friends and invite them over the big date in 2026!