This Is The Most Unusual Dive Spot You Will Ever See!

Even if you’re not a diver, just seeing the magnificent beauty of the underworld will really take your breath away. The crystal clear water, the amazing colors of fishes, the exquisiteness of corals, huge aquatic plants… even if they can be seen 10 meters deep within the sea, catching a glimpse of them is still a remarkable experience.

All year round, dive spots all over the world attract thousands of visitors. From January to December, you can explore the wonders of the water except when there’s a storm coming. But this very unusual dive spot in Austria is only available during spring, June specifically. Try visiting it during summer or winter and you will only go home disappointed. That is, if you can find the place!

In Tragöß, Austria, the Green Lake Park is a popular attraction to both locals and tourists alike. The view of the Icy Mountain, the blushing trees, the perennial grasses, everything in this place is wonderful. But when spring arrives, the Green Lake Park transforms into an unbelievable area… a diving spot!


During spring, the snow melts from the Hochschwab Mountain which causes the Green Lake Park to double in size.

Also called the Gruner See, it expands from 150m to 250m wide.

The crystal clear water takes over the place transforming it into a stunning dive spot not seen everywhere else.

Instead of ship wrecks and other ocean creatures, you’ll see unusual things like signage, bridge, bench and even alpine flowers still in full bloom!

From 1 meter deep, the lake grows up to 12 meters during spring, specifically in June.

Although, divers must be pre-certified before they can enjoy this once-a-year experience.

And they should be ready to take the freezing temperature of the water at 4C to 7C!

H/T to: bbc

When midsummer arrives, the water on the Green Lake Park starts to recede. And, it won’t be until spring again before divers can explore the area fully submerge in water.  During summer, this place is a certified nature’s park where people can relax and just enjoy walking around the scenery. But when spring comes, this place converts into a magical spot where swimming is the number one required skill.

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