This Man Grabs A Knife & Fruit, What’s Next Amazed Me!

Alright, bananas are kitchen staple. This amazing fruit full of vitamins and minerals is so cheap that we always end up buying tons of it. But even if this hungry filler taste oh so yummy, bananas spoil pretty quickly making them mushy, brown and err yucky!

But with this genius man, all he need is a simple knife to turn ordinary looking bananas into a genius work of art! Yes, these artistic bananas are so cute looking that eating them would make you think twice! Although, better appreciate their beauty quick because once exposed to air, oxidation will make them a little less attractive.

Giraffe hugging the banana

A piece of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam

Opps… Marilyn Monroe did it again!

I am not sure if this is Minion though…

And this Fishbone that’s just amazing!

Elephant tusk anyone?

Such a sweet creation huh…

Is this an Alien from outer space I can see?

Don’t mess with this guy!

I wonder how he did the rose petal thing!

Noah’s ark made from banana

Wow! This religious work of art is stunning!

A very detailed dragon boat

Uhh… this is so sweet and cute!

Source: architecture&design

Who would have thought that those humble bananas can be made into something cute and inventive! The next time you have tons of these potassium rich fruit lying around, why not make them into artistic bananas and show your creative side with a twist! Share this to your friends and see what they would come up!