This Mug Is Genius Enough To Keep Your Coffee Always Hot!

Every time I wake up in the morning, before anything else, sipping a freshly brewed coffee is my usual routine. And when the clock strikes at 10 AM, another cup of coffee can be seen automatically on my desk. Enter 3 PM, a third cup of coffee keeps me alive and kicking’ throughout the day. But my coffee addiction doesn’t stop here, before retiring at night, a decaffeinated coffee awaits in my bed.

Yes, I am highly addicted on this very aromatic caffeine drink and I want my cup always perfect no matter what. Though, I can’t finish my whole mug of coffee in just 5 minutes. And this is where some serious problem begins. If I leave my coffee sitting on the table for about an hour, expect it to be super cold and undeniably tasteless! But with this smart mug you’re about to discover, say goodbye to freezing cold coffee or scolding hot drinks! Promise this will blow you away!


It looks like a normal coffee mug but it’s not!

Part thermos and part connected device, this is the world’s most temperature-adjustable mug!

Using a patented temperature control technology, this smart mug allow users to select the ideal temperature for their drinks.

And it maintains that temperature for up to 2 hours when on-the-go and all day long when used with the coaster charger!

Designed by Ammunition, this genius smart mug is called “Ember”…

So how do you adjust your drink’s hotness or coldness? Easy, just turn the base dial until your desired temperature is achieved!

And this is a no guessing game because the temperature is displayed right on the cup itself!

To make things even more amazing, Ember has a mobile application so users can name their mug, monitor consumption and adjust temperature presents wirelessly via Bluetooth! So how about that for some serious coffee drinking huh?

This revolutionary smart mug can hold 12 fluid ounces and it comes in a very sleek, modern design. Additionally, it is leak proof and can hold any beverages whether hot or cold. App is available on both iOS and android smartphones while the coaster charger is included on the package upon purchase. Shipping will begin April of 2016 and the price… $149.

H/T to: digitaltrends

Even though this mug is priced expensively at $149, still it is a great investment for coffee addicts or even iced tea fanatics! I will be getting one for sure, how about you? Hit the comments section below for your thoughts and don’t forget to share this news to your friends.