This Old Apartment Holds A Secret You Wouldn’t Believe!

In 1939, it was the beginning of World War II when German soldiers were matching towards Paris. The then 23-year-old Madame de Florian heard the news and quickly packed her clothes leaving every single piece of belonging she has owned. Carrying nothing but only her clothes, she was forced to lock her Parisian apartment to head towards the free zone.

From Paris, Madame de Florian travel to the free zone for safety reasons.

Even after the war has ended, Madame de Florian never returned to her glamorous apartment. But for some unknown reason, she still continued to pay her apartment rent for the rest of her life. Sadly, the lovely lady died in 2010 at the age of 91.

Since the death of Madame de Florian, her Parisian apartment was never opened. And after 70 years, her first heirs learned about it and hired Olivier Choppin-Janvry to check the apartment’s furnishings. At first, the auctioneer and his team was totally hesitant until they unbolt the door and enter the apartment.

Although there are dust in the air and cobwebs all throughout, the furnishings of the apartment was left untouched. Clearly, they are treasures from the early 1900’s. Works of art has been removed from the walls but the dishes, glassware and other dining essentials are still displayed on the table.


These priceless Parisian art were left intact even after 70 years…

Even this intricately carved vanity mirror comes complete with makeup, brushes, perfume bottles, reading materials and mini treasure chest…

Young at heart, this vintage Porky Pig Doll and original Mickey Mouse was seen at the corner of the apartment.

But the most shocking discovery left everyone speechless. It was this painting of a beautiful woman wearing a pink evening gown. Latter they discovered that the woman in the painting was the previous occupant of the apartment, Marthe de Florian. And to make things even more exciting, further investigation revealed that Marthe de Florian was Madame de Florian’s grandmother.

The glamorous and bedazzling Marthe de Florian…

Marthe de Florian was a famous Parisian actress. She was living a very affluent lifestyle and even labeled as a high society girl in the 1880’s. Love letters from famous suitors, including Presidents of France and Prime Ministers were further discovered on the apartment verifying the supreme beauty of Marthe de Florian.

At first, they didn’t know who painted her depiction until they discovered it was the well-known Italian painter Giovanni Boldini from the Belle Epoque period. This priceless Parisian art was painted in 1888 when Marthe de Florian was only 24. Besides being the subject of Giovanni’s painting, it was learned that the painter itself is in-love with his subject, and one love letter proves his affection to the lovely lady.

Giovanni Boldini…

After this shocking discovery in 2010, Marthe de Florian’s painting was auctioned for a whopping $3.4 million, by far the most valuable painting ever done by Giovanni Boldini.

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The rushed departure of Madame de Florian from her Parisian apartment is clearly understandable, it was because of the worsening WWII. But many questions were still left unanswered even after opening her flat. Why did Madame de Florian never return to her lovely home? And why she still continue to pay the rent for the rest of her life?

Although many priceless Parisian art were discovered, still these questions remains a big mystery that only Madame de Florian could answer…