This Restaurant in Barcelona Has Something Unique To Offer!

Ham – defined as a pork preserved through the process of salting, smoking or wet curing. Traditionally made using the hind legs of a swine, this succulent dish is without a doubt a huge hit on all parts of the world. Commonly seen on festive holidays like Christmas and New Year, this sweet but sometimes salty pork meat when cooked right will literally melt in your mouth!

No wonder why this famous restaurant in Barcelona, Spain has a lot of followers. But aside from their mouthwatering Spanish ham paired with traditional Catalan “coca” bread, there’s something unique about this place that makes it worthy to visit. It’s the bicycle inspired interior that you don’t want to miss on the “Ham on Wheels” restaurant!


The overall place exhibits a playful dining experience with graphic interiors and unique decors.

Check out the ceiling adorned with real hams wrapped in cute branded covers.

Seats are likewise unique, they are made from leather bike saddles…

And on the floor you’ve got this attention-grabbing road markings to direct customers!

The wall is further decorated with hexagonal tomato jars arranged in a mosaic-like mural.

Another interesting spot is the carved pig on the wall that reveals a beautiful brick underneath.

Ham on Wheels is not a food truck if that’s what you think! They’re a physical store located in Placa de Sant Josep Oriol, Barcelona.

Photos from: designboom

What can you say about this awesome fast food restaurant in the heart of Barcelona, Spain! The interiors are superb, the colors are vibrant, the look is a bit industrial, but the food they offer… magnificently delicious! Try it with or without the bun and for sure, you’ll love their ham up to the last fiber of the pork! Share this to your friends who addictively devour festive hams!