This Ribbon Chapel In Japan Makes Me Totally Out Of Words!

If you think of wedding chapels in Japan, I am sure that you’re visualizing a wooden place adorned with paper origami, Japanese lanterns and Zen garden completely surrounded with blossoming cherry trees. Beautiful and so Japanese isn’t it? While this might be true for traditional Japanese sanctuaries, this modern nuptial chapel in Hiroshima is completely different!

Designed by Hiroshi Nakamura, the Ribbon Chapel speaks utmost beauty and astounding architectural design! Built on a luxury resort in Japan, the giant double spiral staircase encircling the structure makes everything so opulent. Add up the magnificent ocean view and luscious green foliage, saying “I Do” to this chapel is like a fairy-tale come true!

Starting from different locations, the stairway slowly spiral upwards to become as one…

A symbolism between the dissimilarities of the bride and groom uniting in the end.

Glass windows can be seen all over the place to forge both indoor and outdoor environment.

Natural lighting are also used to minimize the need of electrical illumination.

On the top is the majestic oculus skylight illuminating the 80-seater indoor space.

Since the chapel is positioned near the ocean, timber panels with titanium zinc alloy are used on the exteriors to make it weather-resistant.

The grand staircase overseeing the magnificent view of Sea of Japan.

Although the staircase ascends separately, both will unite on the 15.4 meters high observation platform…

To adore the supreme beauty of Mother Nature.

At night, this is how to spectacular Ribbon Chapel looks like.

Source: Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

Seeing this breathtaking union space makes me totally speechless. That is one amazing architectural design at its finest. Just look at the modern structure of the building marrying the natural exquisiteness of nature! WOW, hands off to Hiroshi Nakamura and his team!