Top 10 World’s Most Amazing Views To Take A Selfie!

For sure, you have heard about the best place in the world that you need to visit before you die. Tons of articles about them are written online! Yet for us, nothing can beat these Top 10 World’s Most Amazing Views you need to take a peek at while you’re still alive! You’ll know the real reason after the jump.

Why it is unbeatable? Because everything is stunning, every view is majestic, every place tells a story… and every scene is a fabulous background to take a selfie! From the flickering skyline of Manhattan to the mystifying cliff of Bhutan, these are the best spots in the world to take a selfie! No, seriously, just look how spectacular they are!

1. Manhattan Skyline

How about some selfie with the Empire State Building majestically erected on the background? Add the lovely flickering lights and you’ll hit the spot!

2. Cliffs of Moher

When in Ireland, don’t miss this place. The rocky cliff and stunning blue waters are so breathtaking! Just be careful hitting the shutter alright?

3. Great Wall of China

Your visit in Asia is so not complete without visiting this historical place. Tip for camera lovers, hit the shutter when you’re on top to capture the perfect spot!

4. Paris Skyline

For lovers, married couples and dating individuals, this is the best place to take a snap! Don’t forget to include the Eiffel tower on your background or else it wouldn’t be the Paris Skyline.

5. The Matterhorn

Located in Switzerland, this snow-covered saw-toothed peak mountain has a pyramidal summit that is just so amazing. Although, 500 climbers have already died while attempting to reach the top. Take a pic from a far and you’ll be fine.

6. The Grand Canyon

The rustic hue of the mountain, grandiose rock formation and the majestic landscape… there is no doubt that your friends will surely like your selfie with the Grand Canyon!

7. Machu Picchu

One of the oldest civilization in the world, the Machu Picchu in Peru is epic! Tip: If you want to capture this amazing overlooking view in Huayna Picchu, get on the spot early because only the first 400 visitors are allowed daily.

8. Golden Gate Bridge

You don’t need to be in the bridge itself just to take a cute selfie, head on to the north of the gate so that the city view is behind you.

9. Tiger’s Nest

The Paro Taktsang Monastery in Bhutan is both mesmerizing and mythical. The silence is so relaxing and the chanting of monks is nonetheless elating! And with this view, everything is perfect!

10. Great Barrier Reef

To capture this amazing underwater reef system in Australia, you’ll need an underwater camera. Get a good one because the minute details of the ocean is so spectacular!

Source: travelandleisure

With these top 10 world’s most amazing views, all I can say is WOW! When you visit these places, make sure that your phone is fully charge and bring extra camera battery in case of emergency. Missing the chance to take a selfie on these spots is like losing an opportunity to win the lottery!