15 Stunning Destinations You Need To Visit Before You Die

Exploring the other side of the world is indeed fun. It allows you to see the wonderful sites of the city and experience a unique culture exclusive only to that area. Travelling on neighboring countries is always accepted but the world is so huge that there are top destinations you need to check out while you’re still young and able.

From exploring the “lost city” of Petra to cruising the freezing continent of Antarctica, these 15 destinations will surely put a smile in your heart. It’s time to upgrade your bucket list folks! Level up that travelling experience and visit these stunning top destinations to begin your trip of a lifetime…

1. Santorini, Greece

The whitewashed cave houses within the crystal blue water makes this place truly breathtaking.

2. Marrakesh, Morocco

Known for its stunning architecture with super detailed and very meticulous structures, this place is a go-to visit if you want to bedazzle your eyes with beautiful designs.

3. Galapagos, Ecuador

Unmatched marine biodiversity, iguanas lurking around, penguins and sea lions bathing in the sun; your kids will cherish this place!

4. Cairo, Egypt

We all know the Pyramids of Giza, Pharaoh Tombs, Ancient Temples and majestic Nile River. So why not visit them before it’s gone?

5. Myanmar, Asia

This country has a lot to offer, from fine quality jades to Shwedagon Pagoda; Burma is filled with magical adventures.

6. Petra, Jordan

Indiana Jones shot a film here! On this 2,300 year-old lost city, the stone formation and even the dust itself is so picturesque that you wouldn’t say no for a picture.

7. Zambia, Africa

Walk with wild lions, elephants, leopards, hippos and giraffes; or you could swim with hungry crocodiles!

8. Patagonia, South America

The land of the wanderer, the exile and the outlaw, one can easily get lost in this wonderful place. Lakes and vast grassland makes everything so tranquil and peaceful.

9. Lake Como, Italy

This the home of the most prestigious waterfront hotel, the Villa d’Este. And you might spot George Clooney or Richard Branson having their morning coffee.

10. Bhutan, Asia

This grandiose kingdom only opened its door from outsiders in 1974. There’s no fancy shopping district here, but pure nature at its best!

11. Montana, USA

Are you ready to get lost in the 37,000 timbered acres of this place? How about a night in the famous Blackfoot River Valley?

12. Bali, Indonesia

Beaches, beaches and beaches… Bali is comprised of 17,500 islands! Need I say more?

13. New Zealand, Oceania

Mountains, trees, wonderful climate, tons of sheep, few people and sumptuous food, this is New Zealand.

14. Rajasthan, India

Home of magical palaces and temples, Rajasthan is India’s best kept secret. Precious stones and colorful history is what you’ll enjoy on this place.

15. Antarctica

The coldest and windiest place on earth, ice formations on Antarctica can be as old as 3 million years! So don’t you dare get one to make a smoothie, anyway you won’t need it here!

There’s just too many wonderful places in this world to enjoy. Literally, your time isn’t enough to explore them all. At least, booking your next trip on one of the above places is a good start. Oh… and don’t forget about the budget!