This Stunning Underwater Restaurant is Located 500 Meters Offshore for a Good Reason

Maldives is the home of wonderful beaches. It is no doubt that the marine life here is so vibrant and stunningly captivating. But one resort in particular isn’t contended with the wonderful scenery and beauty of tranquil blue waters, they wanted a very unique dining experience that guests wouldn’t say NO.

PER AQUUM Niyama Resort was known for having the world’s first underwater nightclub. In the desire to maximize the beauty of nature, they yet unveiled another underwater playground called the “SUBSIX”. This underwater restaurant is real folks, it is located 500 meters off-shore from PER AQUUM on the Niyama Island, in Maldives’ Dhaalu Atoll.


The SUBSIX is submerged six meters below water level.

While dining with friends or loved ones, be prepared to see over 90 coral species, parrotfish, Moorish idols, giant groupers, moray eels, butterflyfish, damselfish, hawksbill turtles and all other species present on that Finding Nemo movie.  This is why the restaurant is located 500 meters offshore – all these species cannot be found near the shore.

To match the surreal beauty of the crystal blue water, the SUBSIX is further adorned with Capiz shell ceiling, coral inspired chandeliers, clam-shaped bar, aquatic mood lightning, and sea anemone-inspired chairs.


Just look at the magnificent interiors of SUBSIX… truly breathtaking!

Since SUBSIX is a restaurant, it’s time to devour on those fresh shellfish and underwater delicatessens. Savoring those sumptuous meals while enjoying the marine landscape of the Indian Ocean, what could be more heavenly than this? You might even have a face-to-face dinner with a grouper!


Fresh sea meals to compliment the beauty of the surroundings…

But don’t expect to get to SUBSIX that easy, reserved guests are loaded in a speedboat then off to the magical underwater restaurant. Down below sea level take the grand staircase to uncover the spectacular beauty of Mother Nature. This is perfect for your next party! Share this to your friends and ask if they have the budget. 🙂