10 Unusual Gold Plated Stuff That Exist. I LOL’d At #10!

We indeed treasure things that we love and own. Pictures, necklaces and pendants are some of these very important items that we cannot afford losing. Once we get a chance, we find ways on how to preserve or make them look even more special. But some people have gone too far and decided to plate even a piece of medication with gold.

Here are 10 unusual shining shimmering splendid gold plated stuff that exist. If you have something so precious, you may consider doing the same. All for the sake of making it look more valuable and extraordinary.


1. Golden Pills


Have you ever felt so useless? Take a dose of your golden pill to increase your self-worth. This 24-karat gold leaf wonder could be the ultimate medicine for inferiority complex. Try it for only $425! If symptoms persist, consult your doctor for increased karat… I mean, dosages.


2. Golden Keyboard

“Shine in every tap.” That could be exactly what the creator Wazakura Koubou have in mind when he created this golden wonder. Though it looks expensive, you would be surprised to discover that the golden keyboard is only worth $271.


3. Golden Dog Crate


Isn’t it safe to assume that the dog’s name is Goldie or somewhere near?  If not, then this must be used to make cage-training a whole lot easier… because dogs love gold? Anyway, Goldie should be trained not to gnaw on anything aside from anything edible. Or this would be thrown away in no time.


4. Golden Dessert

Did you know that you can enjoy a luxurious dessert for only $26,135? With that amount of money, you could indulge yourself with the golden dessert named Frrrozen Haute Chocolate. This pudding is concocted with 28 rare and exotic cocoa before being topped with whipped cream. What makes it more of a star is the audible 28-karat gold dust sprinkled on top and a La Madelaine au Truffle. You thought the shimmering experience would end here? Kindly wait as there are more to come.

In addition to the above, the person who ordered this dessert can take home the awesome goblet used for serving it. You can also pocket the diamond-encrusted, 18-carat gold spoon and a gold ladies’ bracelet.


5. Golden Pencil

One of the most sleek and smartest gold plated invention is the golden pencil. Perfect for high-end architects or engineers with VIP clients and huge projects. So how are you going to sharpen the tip without putting its worth in trouble? The user is a top-class engineer, right? We are very sure that he knows or would be able to eventually come up with an excellent solution.


6. Golden Flash Drives

8GB or 16GB? This time, the size won’t matter for as long as we’re talking about a flash drive inside a 24-karat gold bar. Corrupted or not, the faulty golden storage device will never lose its purpose for as long as it has gold on it.


7. Golden Light Saber

Fanatics of the movie Star Wars must be salivating for this Darth Maul Limited Edition of the Golden Light Saber. Not sure as to how it works, but we think that the weapon won’t produce a shining shimmering golden light when activated.


8. Golden iPhone 5 and iPad 2

gold plated - golden iPhone 5

gold plated - golden iPad 2

Photo: Mashable

Both may be from Apple but both are already outdated. Yet, they still worth more than the latest model because of its golden case with diamond accents. No matter how many iPhone handset releases there would be a few years from now, it is sure that you won’t be ashamed of flaunting these outdated but gold plated iPhone devices.


9. Golden PC Case

If you need to secure your PC from stealth, lock it inside this golden PC case. Apart from gold casing, the storage is accentuated with sparkling diamonds. The golden storage is worth $570,000 and has a glimmering platinum version.


10. Golden Dildo

Hmmm… This golden vibrator is made up of 18-karat gold and the little engine inside that makes it tremble. We are not sure whether it gives a different level of sensation to its user. But one thing is for sure, you can sell this to someone else after you had enough of heavy AU poisoning. The golden dildo is being sold at $999. A choice of investment for women and some men.

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