I Thought Unicorns Were Not True, But When I Saw These…

When I was a kid, I thought unicorns were real. Yeah, those were the days of being gullible and naïve. Those majestic horses with big powerful wings, spiraling horns that are long and filled with magic, smooth glistening coat; who wouldn’t want to have these beauties galloping around your backyard!

However, the saddest part comes down to this, unicorns are really not true. They are legendary animals popularized by TV shows and movies. I know, you can weep as much as you want but you ain’t going to see one even on your neighbor’s stable. Luckily, there are unusual horses in this world that closely resembles to unicorns. Minus the horn and wings of course!


1. This horse with a Leopard-like spots.

2. Look at the pattern, it’s like a white horse painted with black spots.

3. A mix of chestnut, white and gray; this is the Red Roan.

4. Wow, this one so unique you could almost see a floral-like print on her coat.

5. Another one with a floral-like print on a Buckskin.

6. And this Crèmello Akhal-Teke horse.

7. A Classic Champagne that glistens under the sun.

8. This is not an albino horse but a Perlino.

9. How about a dappled beauty on grey? Beautiful!

10. The Chimera has a stunning color combination which makes it so exceptional.

11. Simple and elegant, this is the Grullo.

12. Elegant, charming and captivatingly stunning! The Gold Champagne Horse!

13. This is my pick, the Silver Buckskin that looks so legendary!

14. And this Chocolate Flaxen in various hues of brown.

15. Who would say no with the magnificent pattern of this Grey Brindle!

These 15 most unusual horses may not look like a real unicorn but they are the closest thing you can get! Come on, not every day you’ll get to see a strikingly bizarre horse roaming around! Some of these horses are breed artificially to achieve an exceptional beauty. Who knows, one day they might be able to breed a real unicorn! Your thoughts? Hit the comment page!