10 Hidden But Very Useful Google Tricks That Will Change The Way You Use Google

When it comes to mobile operating system, internet advancements and nearly impossible futuristic concepts, GOOGLE is the KING! And as we all know, Google is equally the ruler of all search engines. From students to professionals, we use Google almost every day. If we want immediate answers to our questions or even research something we don’t know, there’s only one line to that – just Google it!

But it is no secret that big companies like this do have their own mysteries in the trade. No, we are not talking about how to hack Google system or create a virus that will blow them out, this one is more on the positive side.

Did you know that there are very useful Google tricks hidden on that great search engine? Yes, these tricks are so beneficial but boy… finding them out is a real challenge to everyone. But since we love you 🙂 and we want to make your life easier, here they are!


1. Timer With Alarm Function

If you need a timer with alarm function, just search “Google Timer” in Google.

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2. MP3 Files

For MP3 fans out there, search this “intitle:index.of?mp3 the name of song here” in Google and direct mp3 links will show up.

internet - tips


3. Live Cams Around the World

If you want to view live cameras all around the world, simply type any of these texts on Google search.


inurl:/view.shtml* intitle:”Live View / — AXIS





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4. How Google Views You

Do you want to know how Google view you? Type this http://google.com/ads/preferences.

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5. Comparing Food Nutrition Data

For dieters and weight loss fans, Google “Food vs Food” for quick comparative analysis.

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6. Visit the Night Sky

If you want to visit the sky but you don’t have a spaceship, just type this on Google https://www.google.com/sky/.

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7. Instantly Find My Phone

In Google, type in “Find My Phone” to instantly locate your handset.

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8. Play Atari Game

If you’re bored and just want to play, type in and search “Atari Breakout” on Google Images. No need to install!

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9. If You Are Really Really Bored

And if you’re really really bored… just search these words on Google!

do a barrel roll


Google in 1998

zerg rush


blink html

internet - tips

Although this one is categorically not by Google, it’s very handy and useful we’ve decided to include it.


10. Use Your Chrome/Firefox Browser As a Notepad

Did you know that you can use your Chrome or Firefox Browser as a notepad? Just copy this text on the address bar “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>”.

internet - tips

Source: Merabheja


Aren’t these hacks really helpful and at the same time clever? I bet you enjoy playing Atari and Pacman! And don’t tell me you didn’t immediately try number 3! On this day and age, technology had gone really far. Thanks to wonderful companies like Google, things are pretty much exciting. Sharing this to your friends will make a cool conversation!