What He Did To An Old CD Case Made Everyone Speechless!

If from before we only see 3D holograms on famous Hollywood movies like Avatar and Avengers, reality gears and super premium projectors of today can now project 3D images using highly specialized form of technology. Imagine, watching your favorite TV shows right at the comfort of your own home floating in the air! Or better yet stream YouTube movies not on your computer but in the air! Isn’t this sweet and indeed exciting?

Well, as much as I wanted to stream movies aerially, these gadgets are dead expensive! Even if I save at least 6-month salary, this wouldn’t be enough to get my hands on these super high-tech 3D projectors. Gladly, there’s an easy and workable solution to view 3D objects without burning holes in your pockets. Believe it or not, this YouTube Guru “Mrwhosetheboss” created a wonderful DIY 3D hologram viewer by simply using an old CD case!


You only need the following:

  • Old CD case
  • Sharp knife
  • Tape
  • Pen & ruler
  • Graph paper

And when you have these things ready, you can now create your very own DIY 3D hologram viewer with the aid of your smartphone. By playing hologram-ready clips on video streaming websites, this smart device will create an illusion of floating 3D images!


Are you ready to see this on your smartphone? Bet you are!

Check out this video for full instructions.

Video from: YouTube

Who would have thought that by simply cutting an old CD case into equal triangular parts, then creating a pyramid-like structure, you can now make a fascinating DIY 3D hologram viewer without even spending a penny! Sadly, this isn’t a real 3D hologram but rather 2D images made to look like a true 3D. Bear in mind that a real 3D uses laser beams to recreate objects and your CD case neither your smartphone doesn’t have this technology to project floating images.

H/T to: boredpanda

But even if it’s a hoax 3D viewer, this tutorial is still wonderful enough to fool your friends! I tried this myself and guess what, it really works! And I’m completely sold! With tons of 3D hologram videos on YouTube, I actually found myself so hooked on this project! Now dim the lights and let those images float! 🙂