What He Did To Empty Water Bottles Shocked The Community!

From the past, we have covered about the amazing efforts of a lady named Ingrid Vaca Diez for making eco-friendly recycled plastic houses (insert link here) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. And today, you’re about to meet another genius person with a wonderful philosophy in life – to reuse waste products intellectually.

Donald Thomson, an entrepreneur, one day organized a beach cleanup activity and saw tons of empty water bottles lying around the coastal area. When suddenly he thought of something to make these empty water bottles useful on the community. Thomson realized that when flattened out and put into rows, these PET containers crudely resemble to slate tiles.  Commonly used on roof, slate tiles are sturdy and beautiful but nonetheless expensive.

With this idea in mind, Thomson launched a project that could change the way we see plastic bottles, the “bottle-to-tile” campaign. Using specialized rectangular-shaped PET containers, he started ‘A’Gua water bottles in Costa Rica. And this where the story of water bottle roof tile begins…


This is the rectangular ‘A’Gua water bottles.

Using a specialized machine from the Engineering students of Seattle University, these water bottles can be manually pressed with no additional energy needed.

The bottles are then filled with materials to make them durable and solid…

Laid out flat in rows, this is how they look like.

To resemble traditional roofing materials, this water bottle roof tile is tinted with different colors.

Right now the company can make 400 bottles per hour manually, but planning to automate the process soon…

Ready to be installed, a finished water bottle roof tile looks like this!

The customized rectangular-shaped water bottle cost $1.38 each which is priced fairly when compared to other water bottles in the grocery aisle. But what makes it different is that when emptied, these PET containers will not go to the landfill for recycling, instead they will be made into wonderful roof tiles!

H/T to: digitaltrends

Donald Thomson wants to build 40 units of water bottle roof tile next year and this will require him 10,000 bottles approximately. So if by any chance you see these ‘A’Gua water bottles in the grocery, pick them up for a cause! I hope PET-producing companies are reading this so they could come up with the same idea to make plastic containers not just recyclable but moreover useful. Isn’t this amazing? Let us hear your thoughts by hitting the comments section below.