What He Did To This Book Made Everyone Angry But Amazed!

Did you know that the first printing of books started in China way back many years ago? We are talking about super-duper many years ago as early as 618 to 907! That’s not even a four-digit year! Books has been an integral part of our society. Major stories, historical events, important happenings, valuable teachings, and all other well-treasured stuffs has been turned into books. From education to entertainment, these set of written sheets had become an important part of our lives.

But on this highly technological world, physical books are now declining in numbers. Due to the rise of electronic books, these tangible manuscripts are slowly being neglected. Past their prime, old and worn out, we tend to keep them out of our sight down into the garage.

But for these genius artists, they see old books not as a reading material but a wonderful medium to create stunning works of art. These amazing book sculptures you’re about to see will definitely blow your mind! When you’re ready, scroll below!


1. That’s not Photoshopped folks, it’s the real deal!

2. Book sculptures are hot right now, and they have all the right to be!

3. Just like this mini-cave carved from a book!

4. Pop-up book sculptures are also in…

5. And this carved set of encyclopedias is simply fantastic!

6. How about a colorful garden growing on the pages of your book! It looks so realistic…

7. Or make each text a spectacular art piece!

8. Add in some light and these book sculptures will certainly create a unique mood…

9. Alice in Wonderland book made so much better!

10. Isn’t this simply magical? This one is really fantastic!

11. The story of the “Little Match Girl” shown in a tangible depiction.

12. But Tom Sawyer don’t want to be left behind, so he literally sailed through the pages of the book!

H/T to: faithtap

When I saw these book sculptures, all I can say is “WOW”! I never knew that you can repurpose old books into magnificent works of art. Do you think you can make one of these? For me, I don’t have the talent and just look at those details, I am sure this will need a skillful hand so I’ll pass. What’s your thought on these mind-blowing paper sculptures? Share it on the comments section below.