What He Did To This Gang Box Made Everyone Speechless!

If you have valuable stuffs at home such as coins, jewelries, gemstones, stamps, gold and other small treasured collections, keeping it in a safe box is the first thing that will come to your mind. However, putting them inside these highly secured home vaults will only give clues to the criminals on where to steal your stuffs. Unless you can hide those big bulky boxes on inconspicuous places.

So where’s the best place to hide all your miniature assets? Grant Thompson, dubbed as “The King of Random” has the answer that you would never expect! Even I didn’t expect that this usual household part has something else to offer. This incredible inexpensive safe box is super easy to do, efficient, practical and best of all cost less than $3 to make!

So why buy big bulky home “red flag” vaults when you can make your own secret compartment? Although it doesn’t have the roomy space of store-bought vaults, it essentially serves the purpose so why complaint? Here’s the video for complete instructions.


How to make an inexpensive safe box.

Video from: YouTube

A secret wall safe is not new to everyone including burglars but since our house is filled with many electrical outlets, it’s impractical for the thief to open each and every gang box! Additionally it is time consuming for them not to mention really dangerous! This inexpensive safe box is without a doubt the best place to keep your small valuables always safe, just don’t forget the exact electrical outlet or else you’re screwed!

Again, thanks to the genius and very creative mind of Grant Thompson for coming up with this inexpensive safe box idea. Adding an outlet to the face of the gang box further makes it more believable and convincing so you might want to try that out. Just don’t let others mistaken that outlet for a real port if you don’t want your secret to be revealed. 🙂 If that happens, just make an excuse of you being an inefficient electrician. Share this post to your friends but not to burglars! Please!