What He Did To This Pancake Mixture Literally Surprised Me!

Pancakes overflowing with honey syrup and topped with fresh berries! Now that is what you call a BREAKFAST! But this creative man has something in mind when he saw a mixture of pancake. For him, a lackluster breakfast has no place on his tummy. The first day of the meal should always be fun… and animated?

I am sure you have heard of pancake art that moms always make to entice kids to eat their breakfast. But this one you’re about to see is way more creative and different. He grabs some pancake mixture and by using empty ketchup squeegee bottles, he managed to make an animated cartoon breakfast made entirely from PANCAKES!

But first off, you will need tons of ingredients. No just kidding, you only need a pancake mixture and a creative hand!


Here, check it yourself!

Video from: YouTube

The trick here is to make the mixture a bit watery so that you could work on it fast enough before it burns on your pan. Although pancake art is not for everyone, trying out some basic designs is a good start. Additionally, using a good quality non-stick pan will really help a lot! Timing is likewise important, making some parts browner than the other contributes to the shading of the image.

Serving pancake art to your kids will make them eat breakfast like there’s no tomorrow. Or maybe they would eat it part by part, you know kids… crazy! Share this to aspiring chefs, wanna-be cartoonists and to all moms having troubles feeding their kids!