What She Did to a Pair of Old Jeans Makes Me So Speechless!

Old jeans are hard to dispose, especially if it is still beautiful but doesn’t fit you anymore, choosing on whether to “keep it” or “toss it” is indeed challenging. Luckily, you can do tons of DIY projects with old jeans. You can make a shorts out of it, purse, toiletry bag, pillow cases, notebook cover, wallets, cross body bags, totes… there are hundreds of upcycling options literally available.

While you can recycle jeans in many ways, doing it is yet another story. Especially bags made from jeans, they are so beautiful but very terrible to do. I don’t have the sewing skills it requires and I have no talent on making such patterns. But for this lady, making a recycled jeans bag is just as easy as counting 1-2-3! I am not kidding you, this one requires very basic in and out sewing skills but the end result is simply fantastic!


For this project you will need:

  • Old jeans
  • Needle and scissor
  • Thread and ornamental buttons


Here’s the video on how to make recycled jeans bag with no fuss!


Video from: YouTube

You can use this recycled jeans bag to hold candies with a style, to keep accessories, as a trinket box, as a decorative candle cover, etc. To make it more stylize, try adding decorative buttons around the top or to secure the fold in a chic way.  Furthermore, the contrasting color between the wrong side of the jeans and the right side makes it more interesting as well as trendy.

Can you believe it? With three simple steps, cut-fold-sew, you can remake those old unused jeans and turn them into something useful and fabulous! I have no time for complicated DIY projects and this one is just perfect. Everything is easy and it requires no sewing expertise at all! Amazing! If you have friends who hoard jeans like crazy, sharing this post to them might tickle their imagination!