What She Did To An Empty Bottle & Glue Gun Is Unbelievable!

Admit or not, empty bottles are basically useless vessels lying around our house. Especially after a dinner party with friends or big holiday celebrations, tons of these empty bottles can be seen almost everywhere. So what’s the best thing to do with them? Throw them away and get rid of the junk that easy.

But for this lady, throwing them is the least option on her priority. For her, tossing them away means saying goodbye to those cute bottle designs and unique patterns. By simply using glue gun and spray paint, she came up with something not just unique but totally awesome! Heard about glue gun painting? If not, this bottle upcycling idea will blow you away.

You only need three things for this amazing DIY project. An empty bottle, glue gun and spray paint. Doing it is likewise simple, just think of the empty bottle as a blank canvass and the glue gun as your pencil. After filling the bottle with your very own design, just spray paint it to achieve a more refined finish.


If you still don’t get it, check out this glue gun painting video tutorial.


Video from: YouTube

The key here is to make the design more pronounced by running a thick hot glue over it. You equally need to ensure that the overall design is clean, remove any excess glue left by the hot gun. To make it extra special, try designing the bottle with personalized symbols and exclusive patterns. You can even write a name on it!

Wow! I never thought that there’s such a thing called glue gun painting! And the end result is simply incredible! You can use the finished bottle as a flower holder, as standalone decors, to compliment holiday embellishments, to grow plants… literally the possibilities are endless! Don’t forget to share this easy DIY project to your friends!