What She Did To This Old Camper Made Everyone Very Happy

For people planning to put up their own business, space is the most important thing you need to consider. Highly commercialized spaces with huge volume of people passing by your store is what you need and this will definitely give your business a massive potential to flourish. But looking for a business opportunity in the junkyard? Every successful business owner will tell you to stay away from it! Sounds crazy and really out of this world? Well, it really is!

Dilapidated trailers are a common sight on every junkyard. Big, huge, rusty containers with little to no use at all can be seen almost everywhere.  But for this lady in Texas, what people regarded as dirty and messy gives her one of the best gifts ever for her soon-to-open business venture. Katy McLaughlin found a rundown Airstream trailer that she will later turn into an awesome recycled camper mobile salon!


When Katy found out that the state of Texas offers a mobile salon license, she took this chance to grab the abandoned trailer.

Working on the exteriors is what she did first, polishing the surface and updating the paint is a must to make the camper look new again!

Then here comes the most difficult part, the interiors…

How in this world can you make this appealing to the eyes?

Katy thought of stripping everything inside so she could work on a blank canvass.

With the inside of the recycled camper clean and empty, customizing it is now easier.

She wanted every nook and cranny to look like a real salon…

Just like this waiting area with white and teal accents…

To illuminate the inside, Katy choose to install rope lightning to give it a modern look.

And after four months, can you believe that this ramshackle trailer now looks like this!

Everything is gorgeous and indeed stunning!

From rusty useless trailer, it is now called Hair & There Mobile Salon in Houston!

Clients can either go their resting place or for a small fee, Katy and her crew will go to the client’s location to offer their service. And this is what you literally call beauty on its most convenient form! This is perfect for parties, celebrations, or for people who don’t have the time to go to the salon just to get a haircut.

Katy is planning to open a second recycled camper mobile salon so she could serve more clients.

H/T to: faithtap

This only proves that although the location of a business is deemed to be crucial, other factors such as creativity and courage to try new things also matters. Let this post serve as an inspiration to young hopefuls who one day wants to put up their own amazing business. Share this to your friends and together lets spread the good vibes! 🙂