What She Did To This Paper Plate Blew My Mind Away!

Aside from food, drinks and games, any party wouldn’t be complete without paper plates. Yes, we people hate doing the dishes and this disposable plates made from laminated paper makes our lives so much easier. They come in various sizes, colors, styles and designs but clearly they are made for one purpose, to hold food.

But for these creative geniuses, they see paper plates as something else. As a lighting fixture, kid’s headband, cookie holder, napkin holder… indeed these 10 paper plate ideas are so amazing! After seeing these creative DIY projects using paper plates, I’ll bet you’ll never see them as something disposable ever again!


1. A cheaper way to pack cookies!

2. Cute Easter bunny made from paper plate.

3. This one is great for kiddie parties.

4. What a stunning and elegantly crafted dinner card holder!

5. Don’t let fresh fruits rot in plastic bags, use paper plates!

6. No budget for backdrop? Get a pack of disposable plates.

7. This one blew me away… so creative!

8. A cute fish wall art, you can try Pacman if you want.

9. And this for the upcoming Halloween.

10. A bit of a preschool art but it looks cute!

Photos from: facebook/craftsdiy

Can you believe that these things are made from ordinary paper plates? Wow, that stylish dinner card holder looks exquisite as well as the ceiling fixture! Though, make sure that you don’t get these paper plate ideas soaking wet to retain their function as well as beauty. Do you have other DIY ideas in mind? Share them on the comments section below.