What This Lady Did To An Old T-Shirt Makes Me So Excited!

As they say, accessories can make or break any outfit. Even if you have a super lovely flowing gown, if the matching accessories that goes with it are off, the overall look will only be disastrous. The same thing goes for simple outfits like jeans and plain tops, accessorizing it correctly will further elevate humble apparels making them look like a million dollar.

Although, accessories are quite expensive nowadays. From simple necklace to designer scarves, those little piece of embellishments can really burn holes in your pocket. But for this lady, she doesn’t need to spend even a single cent for fabulous accessories. All it takes is an old unused t-shirt, scissors and tons of creativity.

If you’re wondering how in the world you can turn old shirts into fantabulous accessories, check out this video of Kim Kovelle from MetroParent. Aside from being inexpensive, this necklace t-shirt is so flexible it can match any outfit!


Video from: YouTube

Wow! I can’t believe that this necklace tshirt doesn’t require any sewing and you can use various colors to make the piece more stunning as well as vibrant! This would be a great gift to your mom or friends who loves knickknacks all the way! Personalize it with colors or add plastic beads, your options are limitless! Share this to your friends and don’t forget to ask for extra-large big t-shirts for a start!