What This Woman Did on Plastic Bottles Made Her A Hero!

Nowadays, it is very expensive to build a house. Even if you have acres of lot lying around, the labor and materials alone would definitely cause you big time should you decide to construct even a single floor home. This is the main reason why many people on all parts of the world are living on ramshackle shelters if not totally homeless.

Yet for this great woman, building a home shouldn’t be expensive nor extravagant. Ingrid Vaca Diez is on a great mission, to build better homes for the poor people. Even though she has few funds and very little support, we see no stopping from this woman. Instead of using expensive housing materials, Ingrid decided to go with empty plastic bottles!

Although she lives comfortably in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Ingrid Vaca Diez is shocked on the rising level of poverty.

Instead of using steel, metal and blocks, Ingrid uses a different form of material which none of us would ever thought of using…

Recycled plastic bottles!

The recycle plastic bottles are filled with dirt that serves as the “bricks”.

So far 10 of these so-called “garbage homes” are already built.

The recipients of these plastic bottle-made homes are the rural indigenous migrants…

Which often lives in single room, dirt floor shacks.

This is just one of the many completed “garbage homes”.

Just look at the details of this amazing sanctuary…

Inside it looks like a normal house, but the difference is on the budget!

I hope there’s more Ingrid Vaca Diez in this world to help out the needed.

And these volunteers painting the details of the house.

Source: aljazeera

Although these garbage homes are not as bedazzling and mesmerizing as other million-dollar houses, the love and compassion it takes to build it is enough to call it a home. Thanks to Ingrid Vaca Diez and to her team, now I can use this concept to construct an inexpensive wall panel made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. 🙂