When He Cuts Open A Balloon I Never Expected To See This!

We have featured countless DIY projects courtesy of the ever genius YouTuber Grant Thompson, author of the popular channel “The King of Random”. One project that we have covered from the past is how to make Ninja Squishy Balls, check out this link to refresh your memory. And today, believe it or not, we will make these simple stress reliever balls fly high up into the sky!

What’s amazing about this modified Ninja Balls, now called Sky Balls, is that when you throw them up in the air, a little parachute will open up which will then bring these balls safe down to the ground. Sounds fun and exciting right? Well, this is one cool stuff that you can easily do at home and we don’t want to keep you waiting so here’s it is.


Full instructions on how to make sky balls.

Video from: YouTube

Instead of using flour to fill up the balloons, he made use of rice to give it more weight and depth. Notice that Grant Thompson didn’t elaborate on how to make the parachute but as stated on the video description, a DIY tutorial on how to make it will be out this October so hold your horses folks!

Remember that the tighter you pack the parachute, the longer it opens up and the higher it can go. You can throw these sky balls by hand but to make things more fun and amazing, try using a slingshot or a homemade canon launcher! Now for the most thrilling part, try launching three or more sky balls all at once and see how cute these little plummets go down with grace. They look like minuscule sky divers doing a stunt, amazing! Why don’t you try this at home and let us know the results by hitting the comments section below.