When He Mix Wood With Metal, I Never Expected To See This!

In an old fisherman’s cottage in Cefalu, Northern coast of Sicily, there’s one Sicilian residence with an unusual staircase. Owned by a journalist who writes for La Repubblica, this amazing passageway that connects two beautifully mosaic tiled floors will really blow your mind.

The designed was conceptualize and made by renowned architect Francesco Librizzi. Instead of using conventional materials, he combine wood and metal to create a one-of-a-kind sculptural staircase. Made from wooden boxes, grained platforms and black metal framework, this amazing staircase provides an easy access over the property’s wonderfully tiled roof terrace overlooking Tyrrhenian Sea.


A staircase made from traditional oak wood and modern square-sectioned metal framework…

This staircase might not look grandiose or lavishing but with its unique design and functional beauty, it’s simply fantastic!

It is erected on the center of the property and ascends through a triple height hall, almost 10 meters tall!

To provide both structural support and handrail, each grid has a 14 mm thickness with a hexagonal rod base to anchor the staircase’s vertical load.

But this sculptural staircase isn’t the only wonderful thing on this breathtaking Sicilian residence, the beautifully mosaic tiled rooms further gives a whole new look to this winterless sanctuary. To break boundaries while creating a continuous environment, each room has a unique inlaid tile conforming the shape of the room.


This pastel colored and floral patterned lounge on the lower floor…

The hexagonal and triangular floor tiles on the upper floor…

And the rooftop patio decorated with green striped tiles.

Photos from: dezeen

Indeed, architect Francesco Librizzi once again proves that a quality made sculptural staircase can make a huge difference on the overall look and feel of a room. Using an experimental yet coherent approach, he made this Cefalu abode a fantastic space to live in. How do you find this unique staircase? Hit the comments section below and don’t forget to share this to your friends!