When He Mixed Jell-O & Gelatin Suddenly The Kids Go Crazy!

Who doesn’t love gummy candies? Originally from Germany, these gelatin-based chewy candies made it into the hearts of everyone including kids, young adults and even working professionals! Often casted into different shapes and sizes (the classic bear is my favorite), this sugary treat is an iconic product all of us can never forget.

Another classic toy that each and every one of us is familiar with is the Lego. These small plastic construction toys originally from Denmark made kids from all parts of the world super busy! Give them a bag of Lego and literally everything around them stops! These cute toys can be made into different things such as buildings, trucks, trains, robots, communities, etc. With Lego your imagination is the only limit!

But what if we combine these two legendary products together? I am sure it would be phenomenal! Well, famous YouTuber Grant Thompson did it with flying colors! On his channel “The King of Random”, he made these super adorable Lego gummy candies that are both snack-able and stack-able!  I am sure kids will go frantically crazy over this so here it is!


How to make yummy and pile-able Lego gummy candies.

Video from: YouTube

Remember to keep your mixture clear and free from clumps otherwise it wouldn’t be as attractive as it should be. Additionally, you can use other molds apart from Lego. You can even make a gummy house using chocolate molds! Just spray it with oil first to prevent the mixture from sticking into the mold.

When my kids saw this, they literally forced me to create tons of these Lego gummy candies and boy they are having tantrums when the first batch runs out. So one great tip would be to make the mixture in batches. Just store them in the fridge afterwards and simply reheat it for re-casting. Share this to your friends but don’t show them to your kids just yet… until you have all ingredients ready! 🙂