When He Tap The Screen, I Wasn’t Prepared To See This!

Every day we wake up, there’s a new form of technology being born. Who would forget the year 2007 when the very first high-tech mobile phone was released? Called the iPhone, it changed the way we use mobile cellphones. And just weeks following its release, new breed of smartphones are being distributed almost every month! This is how technology works, what’s in today will definitely be outdated tomorrow.

Just like with screen technology, if from before are happy seeing mobile phones equipped with huge colorful screens, now we want touch-based displays with accurate color reproduction and HD pixel count. But what If one day you will wake up with your bathroom mirror displaying news and messages from friends? Or your cellphone suddenly transforming into a full blown tablet?


Are you ready to see the future of screen technology? When you see this video, I am 100% sure that you will say YES!

Video from: YouTube

Wow, I can’t wait to get my hands on these smartphones turning into tablets and home mirrors displaying feeds as well as news! Did you just see the computer screen they are using in the office that can flip pictures through-and-though? Boy that would be fun and exciting to use! Oh… I am dying to experience the future of screen technology!

Don’t be surprised if one day you will see current news and latest feeds being displayed straight on your bedroom wall through mini 3D projectors! Wow… if that thing would happen, then what’s instore for us in the future?

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