When I First Saw This Public Toilet, I Was Totally Speechless!

There are many things I hate about public toilets. Cleanliness issues, privacy, sanitary problems, lack of water supply, disgusting commodes, absence of tissue paper, no toiletries supply, and people getting in and out while you do your business! However, there are times that using public toilets is inevitable. Whether we like it or not, nasty commodes can still save us from public humiliation… hello LBM and grumbling stomach!

But this one-of-a-kind toilet in Japan is pure love! Yes, commuters will definitely find this commode not just delightful but clearly heaven sent! No privacy issues, sanitary problems, people walking in and out, smelly stalls and even unpleasant odors! When I saw this amazing Japanese toilet, I was like “why in the world we don’t have this back home?” Here’s the proof on why this commode is wonderful.


The amazing Japanese toilet you will surely love!

Video from: YouTube

Although there is no English translation on how to use this toilet, the number and graphic instruction is enough to discern how it works. Also, there are only three buttons to push, one at a time, and each one represents a specific task.

  • Button 1 opens the door
  • Button 2 for the toilet seat
  • Button 3 opens the door for exit

It’s incredible how this commode is made with stainless steel which means everything is guaranteed to be sanitary as well as hygienic. However note that if you don’t lock the door, it will automatically open in 15 minutes. So make sure to lock it or better yet finish your business within 15 minutes or else, get ready to be in panic mode!

Isn’t this amazing Japanese toilet truly fantastic? If only all commodes in the world look like this, I am sure people wouldn’t be embarrassed doing their thing! Uhmm… I hope mall and restaurants owners can read this post. 🙂 So sharing this would definitely help.