When I Saw These 10 GIFs, I Was Completely Flabbergasted!

On this highly technological and very advance world, animations are becoming more and more incredible. From stunning HD graphics to real-life color reproductions, they just keep on getting better and better. But who would forget those small-sized moving images that although lacks in color and better graphics still makes us laugh all the time? Yes, we’re talking about obsolete GIF images!

Graphic Interchange Format or more commonly known as GIF is a type of bitmap image format that was introduced way back in 1987. If you try to compare GIFs from the modern animations of today, I am sure they will look historic and nonetheless outdated. But GIFs are memorable because most of them if not all demonstrates funny parodies or reckless insanities. Yet these 12 amazing engineering GIFs you’re about to see are totally different from the ones you always see on the web. They might not tickle your ribs but I am sure they will feed your curious minds!


1. This is how a lock and key works.

2. And spiral pastas… this is how they’re made.

3. Pretzels are folded not by hand but by a machine!

4. Just look at those robotic hands arranging and packing battery belts… amazing!

5. Want a perfect cone? Tell it to this hot plate machine!

6. Amongst all, this paper clip maker is what I love most!

7. Wondering how a sewing machine works? Here it is…

8. This cookie machine definitely hold your fortune so don’t dare mess with it!

9. Kids… this is how crayons are labeled.

10. And the secret of the King of Pop finally revealed! Geez…

H/T to: guff

Wow, these amazing engineering gifs are indeed spectacular. In less than 30 seconds, you’ll get to know how the most fascinating things in this world are made! That key and lock is marvelous and the paper clip maker, I love how the machine cuts the steel cleanly.

What’s your favorite moving image so far? Hit the comments section below for your thoughts and if you have other amazing engineering GIFs not on the list, send it to use so we can include it on the above post!