When I Saw these 8 Photos, My World Completely Turned 360°

According to science and divine theories, humans are the highest form of living animals. Believe it or not, this statement really makes sense at all. We don’t live alone in this world, other living things are with us like plants and animals. While they have their own set of talents and skills, we humans are more intelligent and capable than them. And this makes us one very lucky creature!

However, the intelligence of human seems to be getting way out of control. In exchange of money, power and social status, we tend to hurt our fellow creatures without considering how it feels like being them. What if the clock turns against us, what will happen in the upside down world? While we don’t want this to happen, I wish someday these 8 photos will come to reality… to STOP HUMAN CRUELTY!


To ivory poachers, this is how it feels when you cut down their teeth or nose!

Bears being the hunters and we humans being the trophy!

The next time you shot a duck for game or fun, think the other way around…

Pork and chicken police officers arresting chefs? We are all guilty except vegetarians!

Loving that full skin Croc leather bag? Well, she’s loving her satchel made from human skin too!

Meanwhile in the world of circus, this is the latest trick everyone is loving!

Being fed by a huge pigeon in the park seems funny but it’s actually creepy!

How about this carriage led by horses instead of human? Frightening isn’t it?

Photos from:  architecture & design

These photos of the upside down world are really giving me goosebumps! Although we don’t want this to happen, other creatures ruling the world and not us, this should serve as a great warning to stop human cruelty. Not just to animals and plants but to all creatures living on this planet! This is such a creative eye-opener and sharing it to your friends will mean a lot!