When I Saw these Ocean Stones I Almost Faint To Excitement!

Mandala is a spiritual and ritualistic symbol often associated with the Indian religion. While it be a combination of different shapes such as squares or triangles, most mandalas are depicted in the form of circle because the term “mandala” literally means “circle” in the Sanskrit language. For many believers, these ornaments are more than just beautiful decors. For them, it is a tool that gives compassion as well as wisdom to everything.

Probably this is the main reason why Elspeth McLean, an Australian artist based in Canada fell in love with mandalas. Equipped with utmost creativity and vivid imagination, she can turn ordinary-looking ocean stones into hypnotizing works of art. Her mandala stones are so popular that every item listed on her Etsy shop sold out in seconds. There’s even a line on her site saying “one mandala stone per person please”.

At first I find this too exaggerated. What’s special about these stones? Come on, they are just hand painted stones so what’s the fuss all about? But when I saw her creations, I was speechless!

Who would say no to these…?

Check out the perfect symmetry and explosion of colors.

Oh and these blue stones are just so soothing!

I really want one of these mandala stones!

Would you believe that they are made from normal ocean stones?

This is simply WOW!

Is there a line or waiting list just to get this?

These mandala stones would look good anywhere!

And did I mention that they are individually hand painted?

So there’s no two stones alike!

Photos from: boredpanda

This lady is genius! I never thought that such ordinary and very plain-looking stones can be turned into exquisite mandala stones! This cosmic work of art is so marvelous now I understand why people go crazy over it! Well, this sounds like an exciting DIY project! 🙂 What do you think? How about mandalas over wood boards or sea shells? Do you think they would look good on these mediums? Hit the comments section below.