When This Man Cuts a Log The Next Thing He Did Amazed Me

Winter months are near approaching and there’s nothing more comforting than sitting next to a fireplace. The warmth it gives, the smokey smell and the cracking sound, everything is just so relaxing! Along with a tasty hot soup and thick plush blankets… who says winter months are boring!

However, creating a fireplace is no easy task. You need to gather all the materials needed and you have to ensure that there are bunch of logs present to make the fire last longer. What if there’s a limited supply of wood log on your area? Or worst, you only have a single log to use?

Well, this man has the answer. Check out this amazing trick called the “Swedish torch hack”. Believe me, this trick is so helpful you’ll definitely find it useful on your next camping trip! Depending on the size of the single log, the fire should last anywhere from 2-3 hours up. Here’s the video for complete instructions.

Video from: YouTube

I know, the science behind this is quite complicated but as seen on the video it WORKS! And if you cut the log even on top and on the bottom; Presto! You can now use it to cook something off! I couldn’t believe my eyes that a single log can keep on burning for hours! This Swedish torch hack rules! Make sure to share this efficient tip on your friends and all together let’s conserve energy!