This Is Where We Might All Live In Eventually As Sea Levels Rise

Seventy percent of the planet Earth is covered with water. As the world continues to change, people will be forced to ponder about eco-sustainability for housing choices. People may consider building their homes on water to adapt and thrive peacefully with nature.


Sea levels continue to rise and in the future, people would be left with no choice but to adapt. As a business concerned with ecological needs of both humans and nature, London’s Ecoflolife came up with an amazing, sustainable and flexible solution – the ‘WaterNest 100’.


WaterNest 100, Eco-friendly, architecture, design, house, furniture

WaterNest 100 at daytime

The ‘WaterNest 100’ is a floating residential unit which is perfect for those wishing to live in a unique and eco-friendly way. Giancarlo Zema’s group designed the floating habitat to make it look more attractive and liveable. Ninety-eight percent of the ‘WaterNest 100’ is recycled. This home measures 100 square meters and is mostly made of recycled laminated-timber and a salvaged aluminum hull. The interior of this epic house includes sleeping quarters, kitchen, lavatory, living room and dining room.


Apart from serving as a residence, the ‘WaterNest 100’ can also be internally structured to become an office, a lounge bar, a small gym or a retail shop. It can be positioned on rivers, bays, lakes, atolls and sea areas with calm waters and free from dangerous animals. To make living more natural, micro-ventilation and air-conditioning is used. It can also be classified as a low-consumption habitat. All this adds up to a better floating experience with ‘WaterNest 100’.


Ongoing climate changes and other events in the world are resulting to rising water levels in the ocean, seas and rivers. This requires more eco-friendly and recyclable housing units so that people can live in complete harmony with nature. ‘Waternest 100’ from Ecoflolife is a good habitat choice for those who respect and admire the beauty of their surroundings.


WaterNest 100, Eco-friendly, architecture, design, house, furniture

WaterNest 100 at night


source: designboom