With A Single Match Head, This Guy Made A Powerful Rocket!

Missiles, whizzes and rockets all have one thing in common, the ability to create awesome explosions in blazing fast speeds. Of course anything that is bigger and dangerous is off the track but those tiny ones that we commonly use during New Year celebration is just pure excitement. Light it, see the miniscule fire starting to build up, hear the wheeze and watch it shoot up in the air miles afar.

But celebration rockets and specialty small missiles are expensive and they are usually banned on most countries. So how do we get to play with this tiny explosive device without burning holes in our pockets? Easy, this guy has the answer! By simply using a single match head, he was able to create a low profile yet powerful matchbox rocket launcher. Sounds exciting isn’t it? Check out this video below.


How to make a matchbox rocket launcher at home, legally!

Video from: YouTube

Hat tip to this genius guy Grant Thompson, author of the famous YouTube channel “The King of Random”. If not for his brilliant and precise skills, this super exciting project wouldn’t be possible. Just to repeat the warning from the maker, this stuff can seriously get hot that it can burn fingers and leave scorch marks when used inappropriately. Adult supervision is required.

Kids, don’t try this at home without any supervision and for dads out there, time to play! 🙂 Hmm… I can sense some serious office wars with this matchbox rocket launcher! Just don’t aim it on your boss or else, you’re screwed! Hit the comments section below for your thoughts and share this to your pyromaniac friends!