With An Empty Mayonnaise Container, He Made Something All Of Us Needs!

Valuables and burglars, it seems that these two things are inseparable. When there is gold or cash, expect the thief looking after it. Of course you can always deposit cash on the bank and leave your house literally cash-empty for security purposes but how about small things with great value on them? How do you keep them safe inside your home?

Gold accessories, gemstones, diamond jewelries, heirloom pieces or other minute treasured items. I am sure each and every one of us have these little assets secretly kept inside our house. And how about loads of cash waiting to be deposited on the bank? Where do you keep them at home? Well, this man has the ultimate answer you would never believe!

Grant Thompson, author of the famous YouTube channel “The King of Random” though of making an inconspicuous secret safe that can be completely hidden out of plain sight. Surprisingly, the main material he used is an empty mayonnaise jar! Yes, that empty jar of salad dressing can protect your valuables big time! Check this video below for complete instructions.


How to Make a Miracle Safe

Video from: YouTube

As seen on the video, this miracle safe is very easy not to mention affordable to make! All you need is an empty mayonnaise container and with the help of almond-colored spray paint, you can now lure those buggers off your valuables! This idea is completely genius and way useful for those living on shabby places.

And to make things even more believable, that “false bottom” effect is perfect. Although, bear in mind that the key here is to use an empty tin can that fits like a glove on the mouth of the container. One thing though, don’t use this miracle safe to hide watches and electronics because putting them inside the ref might damage their mechanical parts. How do you find this creative miracle safe? Hit the comments section below and share this to your friends but not to burglars! 🙂