With this Faucet, You’ll Never See Water the Same Way Again!

Faucets with water saving features are hot right now. In fact, most people choose them over traditional outlets because aside from its brilliant water saving capabilities, majority of them comes in a stunningly modern sleek design. Who doesn’t want a stylish faucet on the kitchen!

But for Simin Qiu, a student of Royal College of Art in London, designing a faucet isn’t all about the façade and outer appearance. For him, a modern water valve should produce water in a trendy way. No, were not talking about those el cheapo LED lights that can turn your water into various colors. This swirl water faucet designed by Simin Qiu is way more beautiful and functional than that. It even won the iF Design Concept Award in 2014!


How about that beauty right in your lavatory!

Yes, this valve can produce water in an elegant swirling spiral design!

It works by sending the water through a double turbine which in return spirals the water as it flows out. The result is an amazing lattice of water stream that no one else has ever done yet. Aside from producing an intricately designed water current, this swirl water faucet equally limit the water flow by 15%.


This is how it works…

There are 3 nozzles available so you can choose from being eclectic to stunningly fabulous!

The genius mind behind this innovative idea… Simin Qiu!

The final form looks like this…

Photos from: boredpanda & behance

To complement its sleek and very futuristic beauty, the touch button on the top is the outlet’s on/off switch. This swirl water faucet will surely turn heads on your kitchen! Wow! I can’t wait to wash my face using this amazing valve! Sounds too posh? But hey it conserves water! Do you think your mom, dad or friends will like this? Surely they will so why not share this post to them!