You’re Doing Wi-Fi Wrong and This Video Proves It!

Wireless internet connection is indeed amazing. It’s like a gift from up above because it allows us to enjoy the astounding benefits of the internet without having to deal with nasty irritating cables. Use it on your laptop, enjoy it with your smartphone, connect it on your tablet, hook that game console on, tap that TV box, what could be more efficient and practical than using Wi-Fi at home!

However along with its many benefits are frustrating disadvantages such as frequent loss of connection, very poor and sometimes even zero signal, slow streaming of videos, inability to browse web contents, dead spaces in the house; these are just some of the many problems every Wi-Fi user is facing. How come this wonderful technology gives us tantamount of difficulties!

Why? Because you’re doing Wi-Fi wrong! Believe me, the moment I saw this video I pity myself for not knowing how it works! And these easy Wi-Fi hacks ends every difficulty I have using this modern technology. Check this video after the jump.


Easy Wi-Fi hacks that will blow your mind!

Video from: YouTube

Now that you know how to use Wi-Fi correctly, this should address some if not most of your internet concerns. When these easy Wi-Fi hacks still fails, contact your provider as they are the one giving you headaches and to this I can totally relate!  Share this to your friends and let them know why their internet is much more stable on the basement that on the living room!